VLC media player is an open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project.

# HTTP Interface A simple way to control Vic is with it’s built in http interface. To set this up you need to supply a password in the `preference` menu of the vlc client. There is no username. You can then enable the `web interfaces and view a crude interface on local host at port :8080. This is enough to get us up and running so that we can control vlc with wiki.

- lib_VLC - https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_HTTP_requests/ - Source for stack lib_VLC on github

Coding the interface in LiveCode proved somewhat problematic as the built in basic authentication seemed to able at the idea of an empty username. SO we just coded the headers ourselves using http_SetBasicAuthentication.

The vlc documentation is not particularly strong with regard the http api, but we can reverse engineer ti easily enough from the demonstration web interface and bringing up chrome developer tools.

# Progress Last night we: 1. Set up the infrastructure for building the LiveCode apps on mobile. 1. Created a simple app that pauses vlc 1. Added a bit of tactile fun

One thing is clear, it can be a lot of fun simply interacting with good quality video this way. Now we can start adding the code we have developed for the wiki app, and switch to watching TV and podcasts in wiki!

# Next steps The next steps are to add video recording to the mobile application so that we can record how we use the software and add this to wiki - that will close the loop with regard to using wiki tv. We view video in wiki, with software we develop in wiki, and document in wiki, using the application built with wiki, to film the development and add this back to wiki. Of course this will be useful functionality for more general community use of the mobile wiki app.

The thing we need to fix to make this practical is service discovery on the LAN. For that we need zeroconf, and luckily we have some code from previous experiments with wiki server that wraps this - at least on OSX and iOS: - display_ZeroConf

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