Roster Maker

On this page we present a number of wiki-forms that link into the Fedwiki Transport and Roster Transport in order to automatically create rosters we hope are useful for your projects.

# Fork and Fill

The idea of this tool is to create a simple unobtrusive form-button that you can place on a wiki-page that contains the roster you wish to update - clicking on the button will create a ghost-copy of the page with a new roster filled in.

The other way to a roster current is to create an Active Roster. For Fork and Fill all you need to do is press the `update` button below, and you've updated the page!

Fedwiki Sites

This tool makes it easy to update your roster:   

# Markup The form above is marked up with the following information.

itemID = 741a0fcdd3ff76b2 domainFilter = pageSlug = roster-maker wikiDomain =

It is set to replace the list of domain names in the text of the roster item (keeping the header) with the latest domains from the server.

Copy the form to any other page you like - just change the `itemID` to match the id of the roster you wish to update (and any other form-field-values you need).

# Create custom roster

Here we create a simple form that allows you to choose an index to search, and a string to filter that index by:



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