Literate Data

__Literate Data__ is data that fully embeds the description of the data, its context, history, and application areas, to the data. Federated wiki page-json was designed from the start as literate data.

Literate data should be social. That has implications with regard to how it is stored, and how it is described. Data stored for instance inside of a large monolithic database is not very social. It is like a teenager ensconced in her bedroom, playing video games - hard to grok.

Linked data is partially social, but only really refers to the value of context. Linked data describes a sea of information in which each piece of data swims in a complex ecosystem of dependencies, but without family.

Ontology is then added. We can recreate family relationships through decree, and some self-sacrificing categorisation work by the good people at wikipedia and or scientists.

We can make data more social through folksonomy based categorisation or tagging. The informality lends itself to a more socialised discussion of context and meaning. However while de-institutionalised, we are still lost in a cold and complex sea of anonymity. Our data is still not social, it is not literate.

Literate data links to scientific papers that utilise the data. It is described with video and audio. The descriptions contain deliberative rhetoric and performative utterances and sections. These are explicitly encoded in their structure, and can be utilised programatically and sometimes logically.

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