LCW Project

The LCW Project is the default project for the Livecode World environment. It should contain the minimum of code required to run a project (at the moment it has been allowed to grow too large).

The "LCW" stack is a minimal script-only definition of a general project home stack. It should do everything that is needed to get the project up and running, but nothing more.

# Interesting Handlers Here we describe some of the more interesting handlers found in the LCW Home Stack.

These handers return a nested array that contains metadata about all the projects stored locally on a users system. * library_FetchProjectData * library_StoreProjectData

# Library | Model These handlers fetch and store a named array from disk. If you need to store metadata about a project you should consider using a single standardised array. however this technique allows you to store arbitrarily names arrays in thier own separate files.

# Library | Model | Files * library_ArrayFile * library_ArrayFolder

# Library | Project | Model

These handlers fetch or save to disk metadata (as an array) regarding a named project: * library_FetchProjectArray * library_StoreProjectArray

# See also

Here we describe the way in which the Livecode World Environment stores information about the many projects that may be available on a users system.