The BBC iPlayer is a UK based HTML5 streaming service that features BBC content. As a license holder I am able to record programmes and store them for my personal use, this opens up the opportunity to use wiki to organise my favourite clips and recordings. under fair dealing provisions.

# Archive As part of the permanent wiki initiative we are looking at ways that individuals can preserve cultural content permanently. An archive of content created under fair use or fair dealing provisions is a core aspect of this initiative.

We aim to take a conservative view of fair dealing provisions for this archive, and seek only to record material that is for:

- non-commercial research and private study - criticism and review - quotation and news reporting - illustration for teaching - parody, caricature and pastiche

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 material that is clearly designed for these purposes should have a clear legal defence - though this would need to be argued in court.

# Downloading We use get_iplayer to search for and download BBC iPlayer content. This command-line tool is very sophisticated and been around for a long time. It can be found on github - despite a recent temporary legal glitch:

- Documentation - github

# Wiki We aim to integrate get_iplayer into the wiki app. Currently we use Livecodes ability to interact with the shell to directly call get_iplayer, but as we progress to using faasd locally and for federated microservices we will move over to using rest calls in wiki and wiki app.