Here we use the term __dAPP__ for a specific form of decentralised app that we create in Livecode. The first step to this vision is to become protocol agnostic. We achieve this by avoiding using `go to stack` or `open` `load' etc when we refer to assets.

Instead we can use: - lcw_Fetch - lcw_Store - lcw_Go

# Environment

Using the concept of LCW Environment we can change the protocol we use to do CRUD operations on assets.


lcw_Go "Browser" lcw_Go "Browser", "github" lcw_Go "Browser", "ipfs" lcw_Go "Browser, "dat" lcw_Go "Browser", "project", "lcw_Experiments" lcw_Go "Browser", "github", "lcw_Experiments"

would all open the stack "Browser" but fetch this stack using different means (and therefore protocols). This level of abstraction is all we need to start experimenting with decentralised protocols in a natural and seamless manor.

We could use `lcw_Go "Browser"` to use the local file system as the default, but change this default thought the use of the following syntax:

lcw_Go "Browser" => open local stack "Browser" lcw_SetEnvironment "ipfs" lcw_Go "Browser" => open local stack "Browser" for ipfs

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