Cornwall Cinema

We look to be able to test transferring files between Cornwall and two locations in London using ipfs.

For simplicity we can use the same technique recommended by faasd, and use Inlets Pro] to reveal a Livecode based server on a public IP address. We could achieve the same outcome using port forwarding, but to get up and running fast and to learn something new we’ll use: -

Our aim here is to try faasd served by raspberry pi, and compare this with DigitalOcean:

We are basing the cinema around the control of vlc. We also have the option of using mplayer which in some ways is simpler, but either way we aim to have high quality reliable playback controlled by microservices.


In a sense we are looking to recreate the experience of a Home Media Centre, but rewrite it using microservices and faasd. The aim is not to create an entertainment system, but to create a studio for Media production.

# Wiki

The cinemas is embedded deeply in wiki philosophy. Each Film or Playlist is a wiki page. Wiki creates an archive of film clips useful for documentary research, particularly in collaborated and distributed environments.

To view or share a video clip and then bring it into you editing environment it is sufficient to fork a wiki page. Software, and in particular wiki-tv and the wiki-app can use the information contained in the wiki-page to fetch different resolutions of the media file as needed. The wiki page is Flexible-json and amenable to adding your own text, links and annotations.